Monday, October 29, 2012

Car Insurance Chicago - I bet you did not know that!

Car Insurance Chicago - I bet you did not know that!

I'm from Chicago, of course, I think there is something special in Chicago, including Chicago auto insurance. However, according to the Chicago insurance ", but is not, but that does not mean that specific insurance Chicago. The answer is yes, but it is not a special, similar to the situation in the major cities.

Hurt my heart. This is you, right?

Car Insurance Chicago Chicago specific thing not so special?

The insurance company with a standard to determine the amount of premiums.

Note when you move, please keep the following information. Because sometimes, apartments for rent apartments rent moderate and high you plan ultimately cost you the same thing, when you are in a higher coefficient of rental car insurance even better.

The insurance company was followed by crime (car theft and vandalism), and the age of the other. For example, they know the ZIP code 60612 (Lincolnwood, just outside of Chicago) has a lower crime rate in 60641, Zip Lincolnwood (60612) bordering the south.

A distinction between the district and other crimes are not always big differences in insurance premiums will not be great. However, in some places, Chicago, cross the road, you are in another world - wants to Beverly and Morgan Park or Gresham (although you here on the tracks) and West Division Street, or part of West Cisse or Luo.

Of course, when the difference is so strong, you know, it will be differentiated premiums without having to study. Not all people will think of him, but if they do, they will. However, when the change is gradual, like Logan Square and Humboldt Park, you do not notice, but the statistics change. Premium to do so.

You can find the apartment for rent $ 1050 per month will cost you $ 1,100 per month when you factor in auto insurance, as well as in 13 blocks, there is therefore no savings, you can also get a couple of blocks away.

So what you should do to ensure that the insurance does not compensate for housing savings?

The best thing is to talk with your insurance agent, he / she tells you what kind of bonus, if you live in this block or blocks. It is a simple thing to do, and the difference in premium is not always the case, the consequences add up to only a few dollars to several hundred dollars per year. Are the same, why not make a fully informed decision?

In addition, what is wrong to save a few dollars, your car insurance?

Well, that's what I have to say on this issue. I deplore the fact that now there are many special things in Chicago, because I want to.

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